ZAFER - Xclusiv Dance Company
A powerful urban dance performance about being proud of your roots and being open to other cultures.
Zafer takes you on a journey! From the bustling bazaar in Istanbul to the colorful markets in Africa and the vibrant street culture in the West. With a spectacular combination of (urban) dance, music, video art and ghosts, a bridge is built between various cultures.
You meet Ahmet, Elena, Kofi and even more special characters, whose lives unexpectedly become intertwined. By sharing their customs and traditions with each other, they discover a deep connection with each other.
Zafer means 'victory' in Turkish. For us it is a victory when you are proud of your own culture, but also open to that of others!
Dancers Tamblyn Baal, Deschny Ira Rogers, Sirak Areguy, Shannon Traets, Mitch Mitta, Lola van Rumpt, Joao M Balde Arias (aka Juan), Dance Makers Mohamed Naaleye, Robeathy Daniël Kevin Cruden, Kishan Indallal, Concept & direction Jason R. Jeandor, Sibe Kokke, Visual artist & set design Sibe Kokke, Spoken word Kain Slim, Jason R. Jeandor, Technician & lighting Pablo Strörmann, Set construction Dirk Sonneveld, Costumes Dair Design