NOTDEF ⁞ SIBE KOKKE, is an independent Rotterdam based multidisciplinary creator, passionately working on projects for a wide variaty of clients. Focusing on printed matter, typography, creative coding, live (sound) video, (interactive) digital media and (site-specific) installations — inspired by critical research, experiments, open discussion, beautiful accidents and practical common sense.

NOTDEF is working in a broad field of design and finds collaborations were needed. In the past notdef worked together with a variety of artists: (an incomplete list)
Xclusiv company, Dirty brown Visuals, Vollaerszwart, Karl Klomp, Marcel van Berk, Daniel Oliveira Prins, Karin ter Laak, Thijs de Jong, Eva Uppenkamp, State of Monc, Menno Verhoef, Ineke Kruizinga, Ik heet Welkom, foundation “de Fabriek”, Hanco Kamper, Charlotte Aal, Gerard Mosterd, Hotel Modern, Kamiel Verschuren, Anton Klein.

CLIENTS (an incomplete list in pseudo-random order)
Hotel Modern, Nineties Productions, Het Nationale Theater, Maassilo Rotterdam, PRSPCT, SUBWAY, Motel Mozaïque Festival‎, Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam‎, Vollaerszwart, TOFFLER, XClusive, PRG Projects, Prima Donna Events, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, FUNX, STV-Visuals, Karl Klomp, Willem de kooning academie, NPO, Pessenger Terminal Amsterdam, &HOUT, Lowriders recordings, Atelier Tarwewijk, Stichting de Loodsen, We Are Electric, Zuiderparkspelen, Circus stad Rotterdam, Gemeente Tilburg, Djemaa el Fna, DGTL, Menno de Jong, Lino Hellings / PAPA, Hotel Modern, Stichting Ik heet Welkom, Bureau TamTam, Ella nitters, Francois Lombarts, Jeanne Works, State of monc, Luminosity Festival, Ledlease, Branson & Guevara, Stichting Scrap, Studio Bassa, Keisshin Barrett, CODarts, Stichting de Fabriek, Dirty Brown Visuals, DOP design, nic.Oud, Modefabriek Amsterdam RAI, Blikopener Festival


(opensource) software / tools that have been used in projects by NOTDEF that earn some notice: processing and processing.js, openFrameworks, drawbot, arduino, axoloti.