Creative Coding
Sometimes the use of existing software is not sufficient. The creation of a design takes too long, can be too complex to do by hand or maybe the design is based on (ever changing) variables. It could be interactive, responding to user input or it’s enviroment. Programming becomes part of the design process. Being abble to control these techniques and use them in the design process gives a lot of creative possibilities for old, new and future media.

Printed matter is static, however in the process coding can be used to create complex grids, maps, show complex data.

With a few lines of code you can make a large archive of data accesable, some more lines of code and a projector can create an interactive 3d mapped poetic installation.

WDKA diploma:.

Counting system based on the shadow of the hyper cube
Laser cut into each diploma is a unique number and cube.
Laser cut into sample on master degree diploma.

Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam:
The King is a type famely based on a grid of 10x10 pixels. Developed to create more advanced ASCII-art style images, with readable text! 9 fonts, each character in the first typeface has 10 pixels white out of 100 (90% black) till the last where 10 pixels are black out of 100 (10% black). Together with a little script that reads pixels from an image, and changes the typeface in a layout.

Closeup detail of final print
Pleinbioscoop sample banner
The King font family

360 light sensor: hardware and coding.

Economaat: hardware and coding.